Simulator Session experience 

At our driver training centre, located in Arundel on the Gold Coast, a new launch is coming! A showroom full of NEXTTECQ’s newest products, including a very special virtual reality racing simulator.

This simulator is able to more accurately imitate an F1 car style drive than any other on the market, and can be applied to a number of drive styles- such as Supercars, formula racing, and Super5000 series cars.

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Motorsport Fitness and Performance

We are lucky enough to have partnered with Phil Young, motorsport trainer with V8 Supercars and former F1 sports therapist.

Phil operates GP Human Performance, trading in specific driver training and excellence for all your favourite drivers. This partnership allows for cross training between fitness and mental performance, and less track time needed. All your racing training can now be undertaken in the same place.

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