Matthew Bode

CEO of NEXTTECQ and a professional driver in his own right, driving Supercars, Formula Vee, and Karting for five years. In 2019, the international stage and Europe will be his stage as he continues his racing career. Matthew’s experience in professional racing gives him a unique list of skills and experiences that have helped develop the realism of Nexttecq’s products, and his understanding for what drivers need in training products. Follow his progress here.

Jacob Bode

Our Head of Engineering & Development, Jacob Bode, has extensive knowledge and experience in all things engineering and both software and hardware development. With a background in flight simulators, this expertise has helped create new, boundary-pushing technology with an emphasis on quality and excellence. Jacob is in charge of all our new ideas, turning dreams into reality, and the day to day running of simulator training that requires a knowledgable technician’s approach.

Gaby Jane

Our Head of Communications & Media, Gaby has extensive experience in multiple communications roles. With a background in human resources and people capability, Gaby helps our team be as effective as possible, but it’s her experience in change communications, stakeholder engagement, publications, graphic design, and business management through her business (3 Girl Communications) that makes her such a unique asset. These skills ensure our publics are always informed, and our business management is handled professionally, while our written engagement is succinct and organised.

Georgia Ricketts

A our Head of Marketing, Georgia handles all of our public relations, business to business engagement, endorsements and sponsorships, events styling and management, and is responsible for the visual aesthetics and branding for NEXTTECQ. This design element, and stylistic management maintains a constant futuristic, progressive brand, with dynamic and powerful brand relationships, all with a holistic and organic approach to marketing that ensures NEXTTECQ is always a force of change.



Phil Young

Australia’s premier motorsport human performance specialist. Operating GP Human Performance has given Phil industry experiences and contacts that are more than remarkable. A background of F1 sports therapy, combined with training in the V8 Supercars circuit, plus his own gym and training centre for professional racing drivers, lends Phil Young all the knowledge needed to be an expert in his field. This expertise is crucial in the running of a racing simulator designed for honing skills, perfecting technique, and fitness performance.

“Phil worked with me from my second year in Formula One in 2001 through to the end of the 2007 season. He’s great such a down to earth guy, so relaxed, and a very calming influence.

Having someone who understands what it takes to compete at the highest level in sport was essential to me and Phil filled that role perfectly.
It’s important to me to have people around that I want to spend time with. Phil was more than just a workmate, he was, and still is, a very good friend.
It was sad to see Phil go at the end of the 2007 season but I wish him and GP Human Performance all the best for the future.”

-Jenson Button, Former Formula 1 World Champion